Alliant Credit Union Auto Loans: A Comprehensive Review

Alliant CU: Competitive auto loans with membership perks & digital ease.

Alliant Credit Union Auto Loans: A Comprehensive Review


  • Loan Types: New auto purchase, used auto purchase, and auto loan refinancing available.
  • APR Range: Competitive rates starting from 7.00% to 26.75% for various loan types.
  • Loan Amount: Offers a broad range with no maximum limit, accommodating various borrower needs.
  • Automatic Payment Discount: A rate discount is offered to set up automatic payments.


  • Membership Perks: Members can access discounted vehicle pricing and rates through Alliant’s online car-buying service.
  • Flexibility: No minimum income requirement and no vehicle age or mileage restrictions for loan approval.
  • Online Convenience: The application process, including document upload, can be completed online.
  • Refinancing Options: Refinance your auto loan with no balance requirement and no restrictions on the vehicle's type, age, or mileage.

Product Summary

Alliant Credit Union stands out for its member-oriented auto purchase and refinance loans, offering a blend of competitive rates, online convenience, and membership benefits. While credit union membership is required, the inclusive approach and lack of pre-qualification with a soft credit check are balanced by a fully digital loan process and rate discounts for automatic payments and vehicle purchases through Alliant’s service. The lack of pre-qualification may deter some, but Alliant presents a valuable option for those committed to the benefits of credit union membership and the additional savings through its car-buying tool. Offering loans with no maximum limits and flexibility regarding vehicle age and mileage, Alliant caters to a wide range of auto buyers and owners looking to refinance. The added advantage of cash-out refinancing and private-party loans further enhances its appeal to members seeking comprehensive auto loan solutions.

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