Amazon Prime Visa Review: A Must-Have for Amazon and Whole Foods Shoppers

Earn 5% at Amazon/Whole Foods, $100 bonus, and versatile rewards, no fee.

Amazon Prime Visa Review: A Must-Have for Amazon and Whole Foods Shoppers


  • Annual Fee: $0, making it cost-effective for cardholders.
  • Rewards Rate: Unlimited 5% back at, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, and on Chase Travel purchases with a Prime membership.
  • Sign-Up Bonus: Instant $100 Amazon Gift Card upon approval for Prime members.
  • Additional Rewards: Earn 2% back at gas stations, restaurants, and on local transit and commuting; 1% back on all other purchases.
  • APR: Variable 19.49%-27.49%, depending on creditworthiness.


  • High Rewards Rate: Offers an unbeatable 5% back on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases, ideal for frequent shoppers.
  • Flexible Redemption: Rewards can be redeemed directly on or through Chase for cash back, travel, and more.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: It is a great option for international travelers.
  • Comprehensive Protections: Includes travel accident insurance, extended warranty, and purchase protection, among other benefits.


  • Membership Requirement: A Prime membership is required to get the card, adding an indirect cost through the membership fee.
  • Limited High Rewards to Specific Retailers: The card's highest rewards rates are specific to Amazon and Whole Foods, making it less versatile for spending outside these retailers.
  • Simpler Alternatives Available: Simpler cards might offer better value for those seeking straightforward cash-back options without membership requirements or category tracking.

Product Summary

The Amazon Prime Visa is an exceptional choice for Amazon Prime loyalists and regular Whole Foods customers, offering both retailers a high 5% rewards rate. Its $0 annual fee (excluding the Prime membership cost) and flexible rewards redemption options heighten its appeal, allowing seamless integration into daily spending habits. Beyond Amazon and Whole Foods, the card also offers 2% cash back in other practical categories like dining and gas, making it a versatile addition to your wallet. While its primary value lies with Amazon and Whole Foods spending, including travel protections and no foreign transaction fees broadens its utility for a wider range of cardholders. If you’re already investing in an Amazon Prime membership, the Amazon Prime Visa card enhances your returns on that investment, making every dollar spent work harder for you.

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