Bilt Credit Card Review: Turn Rent into Rewards

Earn on rent, dine, and travel with no fee; a renter's reward dream.

Bilt Credit Card Review: Turn Rent into Rewards


  • Annual Fee: None, making it accessible for all renters.
  • Rewards on Rent: Earn 1X points on rent payments, up to 100,000 points annually, without transaction fees.
  • Travel and Dining Rewards: 2X points on travel booked directly, 3X on dining, and a special 5X points on Lyft rides, diversifying earning opportunities.
  • Usage Requirement: Use the card 5 times each billing cycle to unlock points earned, ensuring regular engagement.


  • Rent Payment Rewards: A unique opportunity to earn points on your biggest monthly expense, rent, which is rarely rewarded by other cards.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: Points can be transferred 1:1 to over a dozen travel partners, redeemed for rent, or applied towards a future home down payment.
  • Additional Perks: Enjoy benefits like cell phone protection, a primary auto rental collision damage waiver, and monthly Lyft credits, adding value beyond rewards.


  • No Sign-Up Bonus: The absence of a welcome offer may be a downside for those looking for immediate rewards upon card approval.
  • Minimum Use Requirement: To earn points, including on rent payments, you must use the card at least five times per billing cycle, which may not suit less frequent card users.

Product Summary

The Bilt World Elite Mastercard® revolutionizes how renters can benefit from their largest monthly expenditure. With no annual fee, cardholders can earn points on rent payments to any property in the country. The requirement to use the card at least five times per billing cycle to earn rewards encourages broader use but also ensures that points accumulation is consistent and rewarding. The card shines in its flexibility for point redemption, especially for those with wanderlust, thanks to its 1:1 transfer ratio to various airline and hotel partners. Despite the lack of a sign-up bonus and the minimum use requirement, the Bilt card stands out for its innovative approach to rewarding rent payments. It is especially suitable for renters who are frequent travelers or dine out often, providing a substantial return on everyday spending.

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