Discover It Student Chrome: A Smart Start for Students

Student-friendly earns on gas/dining, builds credit.

Discover It Student Chrome: A Smart Start for Students


  • Annual Fee: $0, making it an economical choice for students.
  • Reward Rates: Earn 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to $1,000 in combined purchases each quarter, plus 1% on all other purchases.
  • Intro APR: Offers a 0% intro APR on purchases for 6 months and 10.99% on balance transfers for 6 months, which is beneficial for managing initial expenses.
  • Credit Building: Designed to help students build credit, with no FICO score required for application.


  • Cashback Match Intro Offer: Discover matches all cash back earned at the end of the first year, effectively doubling your rewards.
  • Flexible Redemptions: Cashback can be redeemed anytime, in any amount, offering great flexibility.
  • No Late Fee on First Late Payment: Forgives the first late payment fee, providing a safety net for newcomers to credit.
  • Security Features: Includes free access to your FICO score, Social Security number alerts, and the ability to freeze your account.


  • Limited Higher Rewards: While offering solid rewards, options for higher reward rates exist, particularly with cards offering rotating categories.
  • Limited International Acceptance: Despite no foreign transaction fees, Discover's global acceptance can be a constraint for students studying or traveling abroad.

Product Summary

The Discover It Student Chrome is an excellent starter credit card for students, especially those who frequent gas stations and restaurants. Its $0 annual fee and introductory APR offer make it accessible and financially manageable for students beginning their credit journey. The card's reward structure and the unique first-year cash-back match offer provide a compelling incentive to use the card wisely and responsibly. Additionally, the focus on building credit and features designed to protect the cardholder's financial and personal security positions the Discover It Student Chrome as a beneficial tool for students. However, those planning to study abroad may find its international acceptance limited. Despite this, it's an exceptional choice for domestic use and credit building.

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