EverBank (formerly TIAA Bank) Review: A Modern Approach to Savings and CDs

EverBank: Top savings APY and CD rates, extensive ATM network.

EverBank (formerly TIAA Bank) Review: A Modern Approach to Savings and CDs

EverBank, previously recognized as TIAA Bank, stands out in the online banking landscape, offering competitive options for savers and a commitment to convenient digital banking.


  • High APY on Savings: The Performance℠ Savings account features an impressive 5.15% APY across all balances.
  • Competitive CD Rates: Offers a range of CD terms with attractive rates, including a 4.90% APY for 1-year CDs.
  • Broad ATM Access: More than 80,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, with reimbursement policies for non-network ATM fees.
  • Low Entry Point: No minimum deposit for savings accounts and a $1,000 minimum for CDs, making it accessible to a wider audience.


  • Maximized Earnings: High interest rates on savings and CDs allow for more efficient capital growth.
  • ATM Convenience: Extensive ATM network and fee reimbursement ensure easy access to funds without extra costs.
  • Flexible Banking Options: Despite the focus on online banking, EverBank offers sufficient alternatives for depositing funds.
  • No Monthly Fees: Eliminates the worry of additional account maintenance costs, making saving easier.

Product Summary:

EverBank redefines online banking by combining high-yield savings opportunities with broad ATM accessibility and competitive CD rates, catering to savers looking for growth without traditional banking constraints. While the lack of cash deposit capability may deter some, the bank's no-fee structure and online-focused services make it a compelling choice for digital-first customers. Ideal for those seeking top rates on their savings and CDs without needing in-person branch services, EverBank represents a forward-thinking banking solution that prioritizes high returns and customer convenience.

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