Gleason Finance Review: Personalized Loan Solutions in Princeton, IL

Gleason Finance: Quick, personalized loans with a community focus.

Gleason Finance Review: Personalized Loan Solutions in Princeton, IL


  • Quick Processing: Ability to deliver results within 15 minutes, highlighting loan approval and processing efficiency.
  • Personal Approach: Each client is treated with individual attention, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Experienced Team: Founded by Jay Gleason and Eric Becker, who bring over 50 years of combined experience in finance.
  • Flexible Offerings: Offers competitive loans with the flexibility their private company status offers.


  • Accessibility: Immediate handling of loan requests online, over the phone, or in person without long waits.
  • Community Knowledge: Deep understanding of community needs, enabling tailored and competitive loan solutions.
  • Trustworthy Service: Commitment to building trusting relationships and being a reliable lender for all financial needs.
  • Diverse Loan Services: Provides a variety of loans, including auto, vacation, home improvement, personal/family needs, and bill consolidation.


  • Limited Geographic Reach: Primarily serving Princeton, IL, and potentially other areas in Illinois, which may limit accessibility for those outside the state.
  • Loan Cap: While offering a range of loans, the maximum loan amounts are not specified, which may affect those needing larger financial assistance.

Product Summary

Gleason Finance, established in 2016 by Jay Gleason and Eric Becker, is committed to personalized loan solutions and quick, efficient service. Their approach combines a deep understanding of community needs with the flexibility of a private company, enabling them to offer competitive loans that other companies may not. The team's dedication to accessibility, trust, and a broad spectrum of financial services aims to make Gleason Finance a trusted partner for various financial needs, from auto purchases to bill consolidation. While its reach is primarily in Illinois, Gleason Finance's personalized service and efficient processing make it a valuable resource for residents seeking reliable and tailored financial support.

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