Merrick Bank Secured Credit Card Review: A Gateway to Credit Rebuilding

Merrick Bank's Card: Build credit with a flexible line, low fees, and a free FICO® score.

Merrick Bank Secured Credit Card Review: A Gateway to Credit Rebuilding


  • Minimum Deposit: $200-$3,000, setting your credit line directly and refundable upon account closure.
  • Purchase APR: 22.70% Variable, competitive within the secured card market.
  • Annual Fee: $36 for the first year, billed as $3 monthly thereafter, minimizing upfront costs.
  • Credit Line Increases: Eligibility for review at 9 months for a credit line increase without an additional deposit.
  • Credit Reporting: Monthly to all three major credit bureaus, supporting credit-building efforts.


  • Credit Building: Ideal for those looking to establish or repair credit, with all credit backgrounds considered.
  • Flexible Credit Line: You can choose your limit with an initial deposit and increase it by adding funds.
  • FICO® Score Access: Free monthly FICO® Credit Score, aiding financial awareness and management.
  • Fraud Protection: Offers coverage if the card is lost or stolen, enhancing security.
  • User-Friendly Account Management: 24/7 account access, Auto Pay, and account alerts for efficient handling.


  • Annual Fee: Though reasonable, the ongoing cost post-first year could deter some users.
  • High APR: The interest rate could add significant cost if balances are carried from month to month.
  • Deposit Required: The need for an upfront security deposit may not suit all financial situations.

Product Summary

The Merrick Bank Secured Credit Card presents a viable opportunity for individuals looking to build or rebuild their credit history. Requiring a refundable security deposit to set the credit line encourages responsible spending while offering the chance to improve credit scores through regular reporting to major credit bureaus. The card’s manageable annual fee, variable APR, and potential for a credit line increase without an additional deposit make it attractive for those on the path to credit recovery. With added benefits like free monthly FICO® Score access and fraud protection, the Merrick Bank Secured Credit Card stands out as a tool for financial empowerment.

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