Rocket Mortgage Review: Your Digital Home Loan Solution

Rocket Mortgage: Digital ease for FHA loans & more, high customer satisfaction.

Rocket Mortgage Review: Your Digital Home Loan Solution


  • Credit Score Minimum: Accessible with a score of 620.
  • Minimum Down Payment: Exceptionally low at 1%, opening doors for many.
  • Loan Variety: A comprehensive suite that includes purchase, refinance, jumbo, fixed, adjustable, FHA, VA, and home equity loans.
  • Digital First: Offers a streamlined online application process, with document and asset retrieval and the ability to adjust your preapproval letter digitally.


  • FHA Leader: The nation's top FHA lender, making it a go-to for borrowers with limited down payment resources.
  • Digital Convenience: Leading with a user-friendly website and app for applying and managing loans enhances customer experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High marks in customer service surveys, reflecting a commitment to borrower satisfaction.

Product Summary

Rocket Mortgage distinguishes itself as a frontrunner in the digital mortgage space, catering especially to FHA borrowers and those seeking convenience in the loan process. While its origination fees are higher, Rocket Mortgage compensates with a suite of digital tools that simplify loan application and management, making it a solid choice for homebuyers prioritizing ease and efficiency. Despite the requirement for a credit check to get customized rates, its position as the largest FHA lender underscores its appeal to many borrowers. Rocket Mortgage's blend of digital innovation and customer service excellence makes it a compelling choice for today's homebuyers.

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