San Diego County Credit Union Mortgages: A Comprehensive Review

SDCCU: Competitive rates, CA-focused, online quotes.

San Diego County Credit Union Mortgages: A Comprehensive Review


  • Loan Types: Offers conventional and jumbo mortgages, including products for second homes and home equity.
  • Rate Information: Customizable rate and fee quotes are available online without needing contact information.
  • Interest Rates: Competitive, with notably low rates per the latest federal data.
  • Access: Services are regionally focused, available exclusively in California.


  • Comprehensive Offerings: A variety of mortgage options to suit different needs, including jumbo loans and home equity products.
  • Transparency: Enables potential borrowers to obtain personalized rate information online without commitment.
  • Competitive Pricing: Features interest rates that are lower than the national average, offering significant savings over the loan term.
  • Focused Service: Specializes in serving Californian residents, providing localized expertise and support.

Product Summary

San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU) stands out in the California mortgage landscape for its array of conventional and jumbo mortgage options and a straightforward online platform for rate and fee quotes. While it doesn’t cater to FHA, VA, or USDA loan seekers, its competitive interest rates make it an attractive choice for eligible borrowers. Particularly noteworthy is its provision of loans for second homes and diverse home equity products, enhancing financial flexibility for homeowners.

SDCCU prioritizes transparency and ease, offering a user-friendly online portal for loan application and management, albeit with room for improvement in mobile app user satisfaction. Membership is open to Southern Californians and members of the Financial Fitness Association, extending a broad base of potential borrowers the opportunity to benefit from its services.

While the focus on conventional and jumbo loans may limit options for some, the credit union's competitive rates, absence of hidden fees, and dedicated local service make it a noteworthy contender for Californian residents navigating the mortgage market.

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