Self Visa® Review: Building Credit Uniquely

Self Visa®: No credit check, low deposit, unique credit-building path.

Self Visa® Review: Building Credit Uniquely

The Self Visa® Credit Card presents an innovative approach for individuals with poor to excellent credit scores, aiming to cultivate a positive credit history without the immediate need for a security deposit or a credit check. This card differentiates itself by requiring holders first to engage with a Credit Builder Account, introducing a step before obtaining the credit card itself, thereby fostering a savings habit while building credit.


  • Annual Fee: $25, a manageable cost for building credit.
  • APR: 29.24% Variable, emphasizing the card's focus on credit building rather than borrowing.
  • Credit Score Range: 300-850, catering to a wide spectrum from poor to excellent.
  • Security Deposit: Low entry barrier with a deposit as low as $100, achieved through micro-payments.


  • No Credit Check: Accessible to individuals regardless of credit history, ensuring a broad appeal.
  • Flexible Security Deposit: Enables holders to build their deposit, incrementally aligning with personal financial capacity.
  • Credit Building: Designed to improve credit scores through disciplined use and repayment.
  • Reporting to Major Bureaus: Activities are reported to all three major credit bureaus, enhancing credit-building efforts.


  • Complicated Process: Requires opening a Credit Builder Account before getting the card.
  • Annual Fee: Charges a $25 annual fee, which adds to the cost of building credit.
  • No Immediate Access: Cannot get the card instantly; must first meet specific criteria with the Credit Builder Account.
  • No Rewards: This does not offer cash back or other spending rewards.

Product Summary:

The Self Visa® Credit Card emerges as a unique tool in the secured card market, blending the characteristics of a traditional secured card with the innovative mechanism of a Credit Builder Account. This card is especially suited for those looking to establish or rebuild credit while preferring a gradual approach to securing a credit limit. The process requires patience and a commitment to making regular payments into the Credit Builder Account before transitioning to the credit card.

While the Self Visa® offers a pathway to improved credit with no initial credit check and a relatively low-security deposit, potential users should weigh the annual fee and the necessity of first engaging with a Credit Builder Account. This card may not be the fastest route to credit access due to the preliminary steps required, but it stands out for its educational approach to credit building and financial discipline.

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