UFB Direct Review: Premier Online Savings with Competitive APYs

UFB Direct Review: Premier Online Savings with Competitive APYs

UFB Direct, a digital-first division of Axos Bank, offers high-yield savings and money market accounts with competitive rates, catering to savvy online bankers seeking robust returns on their deposits.


  • High APY: Savings and money market accounts boast a substantial 5.25% APY, applicable across all balance tiers.
  • No Monthly Fees on Savings: The Secure Savings account is free of monthly maintenance fees, enhancing its yield potential.
  • Accessible Money Market Account: Offers the flexibility of check writing with a $5,000 balance to avoid monthly fees.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Ensures help is always available, complemented by highly rated mobile apps for banking on the go.


  • Maximized Earnings: One of the highest APYs available, ensuring your savings grow faster.
  • Digital Efficiency: Online-focused banking eliminates the hassle of branch visits, offering convenience and speed.
  • Flexible Account Management: The money market account adds utility with check-writing capabilities, which is ideal for those needing liquidity with high interest.
  • Reliable Customer Service: Round-the-clock access to customer support provides peace of mind for digital banking users.

Product Summary:

UFB Direct distinguishes itself in online banking with exceptionally high interest rates on savings and money market accounts, appealing to those prioritizing earnings on their deposits. While the high-yield money market account has a monthly fee, it's easily waived with a reasonable balance, making it a viable option for substantial savers. Despite recent customer feedback regarding service delays and communication, UFB Direct's commitment to competitive rates and fee-free savings options positions it as a leading choice for customers seeking the best of online banking’s efficiency and profitability. Ideal for users comfortable with managing their finances digitally and looking to maximize their savings growth without traditional bank constraints.

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