Zynlo Bank Review: Innovative Banking with Savings Incentives

Zynlo Bank: Save more with every purchase and earn competitive interest.

Zynlo Bank Review: Innovative Banking with Savings Incentives

Zynlo Bank combines modern banking solutions with a distinctive savings program, catering to customers seeking to maximize their digital banking experience while earning competitive interest rates.


  • Automatic Savings Feature: Rounds up every debit card purchase to the nearest dollar, transferring the difference to a savings account.
  • Savings Account Match: A matching program where the bank matches the rounded-up savings at 100% for $3,000 or more balances and 25% for lower balances.
  • Competitive APY on Savings: The Tomorrow Savings Account boasts a 5.00% APY, accessible with just a $0.01 minimum balance.
  • No Monthly Fees: On select savings and checking accounts, easing the burden of account maintenance costs.
  • ATM Network and Customer Service: Provides access to a large, free nationwide ATM network and 24/7 phone support.


  • Enhanced Savings Potential: The unique matching program incentivizes using the debit card for purchases, effectively boosting savings.
  • Interest Earnings: A high APY on savings accounts offers substantial deposit growth and rewarding savings.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: The absence of monthly fees and the large ATM network facilitates easy and cost-effective banking.
  • Digital Banking Focus: Tailored for customers comfortable with online banking, featuring tools to manage finances effectively.

Product Summary:

Zynlo Bank emerges as a forward-thinking online bank, offering a compelling savings account that provides a competitive interest rate and features an innovative matching program linked to debit card use. This program, along with the bank's no monthly fee policy on certain accounts and comprehensive ATM access, positions Zynlo as an attractive option for customers prioritizing convenience and savings growth. While the mobile app has received mixed reviews, particularly on the Android platform, Zynlo's overall banking proposition—highlighted by its automatic savings and matching contributions—presents a unique opportunity for individuals and families aiming to enhance their financial well-being through everyday transactions.

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